How to Check iCloud Activation Lock Status by IMEI

By using our tool you can check iCloud Activation lock status of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch instantly. This works with all iOS versions including iOS 10 and older iOS versions.
If you are buying a used Apple device, you must to be 100% sure that the iCloud Activation Lock feature was disabled by the previous user. You can use our tool to get a 100% accurate result for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
check icloud activation status
Please follow the steps below to check if the iCloud Activation Lock (Find My iPhone) is still active on your device:

Steps to Check iCloud Activation Lock Status

  1. Find your IMEI code by dialing *#06# or follow this guide here.
  2. Enter your IMEI Code and Hit Enter.
  3. Click on the ‘Check iCloud Status’ link to start the process.
  4. You will be redirected to Paypal to complete the payment.
  5. The iCloud Activation Check result will be mailed to your email address in 1-5 hours.

Example iCloud IMEI Check Result

  • Model: iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold SM A1778
  • IMEI: 353803084895705
  • Find My iPhone: ON
  • iCloud Status: Clean

iCloud Check Status Delivery Time

The iCloud check status will be delivered to your Paypal email in 1-5 business hours. If you want to get the result on another email address, please use our contact form to contact us after you place the order.

February 15, 2017